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I've found my Brokeback Mountain fanvid in my old comp's data.
I've forgotten about it almost completely.
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It's not that simple to synchronize music and video in AVS Video Editor. Guess what? There are no markers there. And no locking to the timeline. It looks like AVS Video Editor turned out to be too simplistic for this purpose.

AVS Video Editor is the greatest thing to start to work with video editing. No manual needed, all features are intuitively understood. It's great to learn what transitions and video effects are and how to incorporate them into video line.
But... No markers...

I've switched to Sony Vegas Pro. It's GUI usage is not that transparent. I had to use manual to learn some concepts. But I think given some time I'll get used to it. And there are all those markers and locks there that I've missed so much in AVS Video Editor. Synchronizing events is fairly simple and enjoyable with Vegas Pro.

No video clips ready yet though. I'm in process of learning basics with Vegas Pro. It takes much more time with it.


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