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That's kinda of love that never finds manifestation in real world.

I've been trying to find words to express my tender feelings toward someone who was not available for me and I had to bear this in mind in our email letters. I just wanted to say something caring without breaking the border line of being friends. And the words I've come up with were "Please, take a good care of yourself".  Time passed by, my feelings developed and there was a moment when we had been on a trip together by a coincidence. And the last words that he said to me when we'd parted were "Take care of  yourself" and we hugged.
There's an irony in this phrase for me since then.
Just like the most tender words that can never break the border line.
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There are many parts of us, and we can choose which ones we are.

I've talk to a woman that can see the invisible world of "creatures that have no physical embodiment" but influence our thoughts and  feelings majorly. She said that it is a real raging battle going on in the invisible world for each of human being's soul. Because those who attract our attention and whom we choose to live with exist in this reality through us because we support them.
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The things we put our faith in own us. But it feels a lot worse when the things that own us are not believed in.

You should never have that kind of faith in people, they’ll always let you down.


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