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I watched this movie today.
But what have I seen there?

A man driven by passion.
A man who made war all his life. And died at the age that I am now.
A man of great spirit that conquered the fear of death.
A man who knew what "the brotherhood of men" is.
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This video has been on youtube since 2009, but I've seen it for the first time only a week ago or so.
I just cannot get over it. I'm watching it again and again, I'm totally obsessed.

Many thanx and my sincere admirations to the author, xdunyax.
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I opened the page with DeAnna Zankich qaf fanfic and saw 4 faces on it. The first 2 was too familiar - Brian and Justin and the second 2 I saw somethere before, but I couldn't tell at once where. Then I read the names below the photos and it came to me - Vince and Steward, QAF UK of course! But looking at all 4 faces I suddenly saw that the Vince's face and attitude on the picture resembles Brian much more than Steward's.
Actually when I was watching QAF UK I found Vince character the center of the film, much like Brian was on the center of the QAF US. Vince was much more appealing than Steward...
I wonder if there could be a cross-over fanfic story where Brian and Vince meet...


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