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How would you treat a creature that

  1. lives, say, 50 times shorter than your kind and about 100 times less intelligent (not even knows what is best for its own good)

  2. and if it does know then it can be easily distracted from knowing what is good for it and is eager to be manipulated if it leads to pleasure and comfort.

  3. can be used as an additional source of energy – oh, such a delicious food!

(Don't think I'm talking about chickens. But that's close.

What do you think is human point of view about the purpose of chickens in nature?)

The options for you to treat this creature are

  1. Show respect for it's immortal soul (provided it has one. But the creature itself is not sure about it) and create an environment for this creature to evolve into a greater being with better (and I'm not saying tastier) qualities and possibilities of inner growth and realization of its true purpose and potential.

  2. Use it as I see fit best for my purposes (and, you see, the creature is so delicious). And I have so much time (I live 50 times longer) to breed the most tasteful qualities. Fuck the immortal soul, it of no use to me, whether the creature has one or not. Who cares if the creature itself doesn't have awareness to tell if it has one. And I'm not interested to stimulate this awareness to grow. It's also unaware of being manipulated, it's that stupid. I breed and educate it in stupidity. That helps. And if I'm a fox and I don't want a revolution in a chicken coop, I would hide and destroy all the essential knowledge for chickens about freedom and what is good for them.


And now the final note to ponder upon.

Suppose that intelligent life can be of inorganic nature and hens invisible to human eye.

Inorganic means that it is not being born in flesh and blood or any other kind of organic substance. And one of the food for such form of life is the energy produced by human emotions. How would this form of life treat us given a chance?

Oh, we are such a delicious food source! And so easy to manipulate!

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(For those who never read about Don Juan and his benefactor Nagual Julian in Carlos Castaneda’s books, I say that there’s no gay theme there. And in Castaneda’s book stalkers are called so, not because they are after someone stalking that someone, but because they are constantly stalking after what is going on around them in a highly alert state of awareness.  And warrior is someone who has mastered the discipline of selfcontrol among other things). Those are not the common features of Brian Kinney and nagual Julian exactly, but those are things about Julian, that made me think of Brian when I read it just now. Julian used to be an actor before he got into nagual thing and he had seduced a lot of women.

1)      The nagual Julian didn't care about anyone. That's why he could help people. And he did; he gave them the shirt off his back, because he didn't give a fig about them.  

2)      The nagual Julian, for instance, was a fabulous curer. He helped thousands and thousands of people, but he never took credit for it. He let people believe that a woman seer of his party was the curer.  

3)      If he had been a man who cared for his fellow men, he would've demanded acknowledgment. Those who care for others care for themselves and demand recognition where recognition is due

4)      Stalkers like the nagual Julian are natural leaders of people. They can help people do anything. These warriors can help people to get cured, or they can help them to get ill. They can help them to find happiness or they can help them to find sorrow. I (Castaneda) suggested that instead of saying that these warriors help people, we should say that they affect people. He (don Juan) said that they don't just affect people, but that they actively herd them around.

5)      This one reminds me of Brian/Justin first encounter. “Then don Juan started his story about the nagual Julian. He said that the nagual Julian spent many, many years waiting for an apprentice nagual. He stumbled on don Juan one day while returning home after a short visit with acquaintances in a nearby village. He was, in fact, thinking about an apprentice nagual as he walked on the road when he heard a loud gunshot and saw people scrambling in every direction…” Of course there was no conscious thought about meeting an apprentice in Brian’s mind (but yet Justin became in many ways Brian’s apprentice)

6)      Every one of the nagual Julian's words and actions was deliberately selected to cause a particular effect. His art was to provide his words and actions with the most suitable context, so that they would have the necessary impact.

7)       I (don Juan) had discovered that the only way to deal with peerless warriors like nagual Julian  is not to have self-importance, so that one can celebrate them unbiasedly.

8)      The nagual Julian used to say that to have sex is a matter of energy, he never had any problems having sex, because he had bushels of energy. But he took one look at me (Genaro) and prescribed right away that my peter was just for peeing. He told me that I didn't have enough energy to have sex. He said that my parents were too bored and too tired when they made me; he said that I was the result of very boring sex, cojida aburrida. I was born like that, bored and tired. The nagual Julian recommended that people like me should never have sex; this way we can store the little energy we have.  (You have to have energy to sustain the pressure. So it’s a matter of energy again)

9)      The nagual Julian, could not have cared less about explanations (He was a man of action, not words) The nagual Julian was really an unforgettable man. He had a great touch with people. He would do the worst things in the world, but done by him they were great. Done by anyone else, they would have been crude and callous…, the nagual Julian was extraordinarily eccentric in his behavior


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