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How would you treat a creature that

  1. lives, say, 50 times shorter than your kind and about 100 times less intelligent (not even knows what is best for its own good)

  2. and if it does know then it can be easily distracted from knowing what is good for it and is eager to be manipulated if it leads to pleasure and comfort.

  3. can be used as an additional source of energy – oh, such a delicious food!

(Don't think I'm talking about chickens. But that's close.

What do you think is human point of view about the purpose of chickens in nature?)

The options for you to treat this creature are

  1. Show respect for it's immortal soul (provided it has one. But the creature itself is not sure about it) and create an environment for this creature to evolve into a greater being with better (and I'm not saying tastier) qualities and possibilities of inner growth and realization of its true purpose and potential.

  2. Use it as I see fit best for my purposes (and, you see, the creature is so delicious). And I have so much time (I live 50 times longer) to breed the most tasteful qualities. Fuck the immortal soul, it of no use to me, whether the creature has one or not. Who cares if the creature itself doesn't have awareness to tell if it has one. And I'm not interested to stimulate this awareness to grow. It's also unaware of being manipulated, it's that stupid. I breed and educate it in stupidity. That helps. And if I'm a fox and I don't want a revolution in a chicken coop, I would hide and destroy all the essential knowledge for chickens about freedom and what is good for them.


And now the final note to ponder upon.

Suppose that intelligent life can be of inorganic nature and hens invisible to human eye.

Inorganic means that it is not being born in flesh and blood or any other kind of organic substance. And one of the food for such form of life is the energy produced by human emotions. How would this form of life treat us given a chance?

Oh, we are such a delicious food source! And so easy to manipulate!

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