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I've been enjoy the view of this great body half naked man working on the roof in front of my windows for the whole week.
Here's a quick peek of him for )
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It was a test for my camera "Low Lux" mode.
Works perfectly.
It was much darker actually than it's on the vid.
Video: A tonight walk with my friend without any editing.
Music: Suzanne Vega "Night Vision"video )
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My 29.07.2011 doodling.
Video: Sitting in the line to get to a doctor in Russian hospital + cats on my way back home from hospital.
Music: Neneh Cherry "Everything"
video )
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In the light of recent violent events in Norway
I've watched this movie I was recced a long time ago.
It's feels awfully personal and real.
trailer )
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"Too cool for school"...
This phrase from gaedhal's comments to my previous post nearly drove me crazy.
I've heard it in some song that seemed I couldn't recall.
Read more... ) [ profile] rznbloodroseRead more... )
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Gosh, I love this girl!
Not only she treated me with chocolate and get well note,
but also recced me a movie of a rare beauty to feed my soul.
Thank you, my precious [ profile] rznbloodrose
You are such a generous person <3

The movie )
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Today I saw a huge poster on a moll wall with the "Tree of Life" movie ad.
It's been ages since I've been to cinema.
But I'll pay my money and respect to this movie by seeing it on a big screen in my best friend's company.
the movie trailer )
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This one is very funny.
But it's with a Russian lyrics song.
I added translation and subtitles.
So those who don't know Russian could get the humor.
Video )
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I've been chatting with great rznbloodrose on gtalk and we stumbled upon this miraculous girl on youtube.
I've never seen anything like this. I wish I've seen her live performance.
And she's just turned 14!
This is not her best song to my taste, but I like the lyrics of this one very much.
I'm amazed with what she does... That's the closest thing to genius that I've seen.
the song )
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I've found my Brokeback Mountain fanvid in my old comp's data.
I've forgotten about it almost completely.
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I put this vid together just for myself, it's not a fan video clip or something.
Then I decided to put it on youtube, maybe other people would find it useful too.

This is QAF cast (Gale and Randy) and authors (Daniel Lipman and Tony Jonas) talking about Brian.
Just some bits and pieces.
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"My arms are on you they owned you..." this lyrics line just killed me!
And made this (not mine) B/J fan video clip simply irresistible.
(In fact that was just my imagination, but never the less...)
(The actual lyrics begin like this:
Time is gonna take my mind
and carry it far away where I can fly
The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you
If I were to be alone silence would rock my tears
'cause it's all about love and I know better
How life is a waving feather

So I put my arms around you around you
And I know that I'll be leaving soon
My eyes are on you they're on you
And you see that I can't stop shaking


There are lots of videos that are great and I like (even loved) them.
But this one just shook me deep to the grounds of my very being.
And there's nothing special about it except that.
So I just have to bring it into my LJ "house".

The rest qaf fanvids of the same author are also brilliant )
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This vid (not mine) is so funny.
I want it in my LJ "house".
Anyone who had ever had a mean cat in a house would definitely relate to it.
(And there was a crazy period of time when my BF and I shared an apartment with 6!!! of them)

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This is my second fan video clip.
It took a lot of more work to make it as satisfiable as my first one.
But with a little bit of thoughts and tips input from my LJ friends (rznbloodrose and xdunyax)
I'm finally proud to present my work.
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Because of the song "Stay" by Hurts that I used in my clip, youtube doesn't allow to embed my fanvid.
ETA. This MF youtube blocked this vid (copyrights problem)
So, here's  a link to it on youtube.

This vid on megavideo:
and on megaupload:

I also put my vid on rutube.
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This one is not mine.
It is very good.
I'm not obsessed by it,
but I've watched it more than twice
and saved it on my hard-drive.

The AU vid plot implies that Justin is a hustler (or just promiscuous) and Brian is jealous.

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Ok. Now I'm kinda satisfied with the end product of my Sony Vegas Pro Video Editor study.
I hope you'll like my first real fan video clip.

The same song used "I Know" by Placebo. But this time it's the whole song.
The video comes from QAF pilot and 120 episodes.
I nicknamed this video a "Baby Lon King" story while I was in process of creating it.

No limits to the perfection syndrome )
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I was so much inspired by dunyaxa's fanvideo that I've decided to learn how to do it myself.
Today I was fooling around with newly installed simple video editor AVS.
The result is ok for the first time clip making. I hope things will get better with time.
This time I was just trying out cutting and transitions.
Next time I'll try to synchronize music rhythm with the video changes.

These are pieces of the last scene in 102, with the "I Know" Placebo music.
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This video has been on youtube since 2009, but I've seen it for the first time only a week ago or so.
I just cannot get over it. I'm watching it again and again, I'm totally obsessed.

Many thanx and my sincere admirations to the author, xdunyax.


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