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There are two songs about whose world it is and I liked them both:
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Human attraction has 3 sources.
They are the soul, the mind and the body.

Souls attraction gives birth to friendship,
minds - respect,
and the body craves for intimacy.
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A piece of autumn in the middle of the summer.
This song won Grammy in 2000.
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there's nothing I could do about it.

I live in a very nice small town 20 km away from Moscow city, Russia.
Today Russian president confirmed and signed a project according to which a large area of Moscow region including our science-town would be included into Moscow-city officially.
That sucks.
I feel like Mohamed in the saying "If a mountain not coming to Mohamed, then Mohamed goes to mountain".
Except that this particular mountain (Moscow) comes to me by itself this time.
Not only the country I was born in doesn't exist anymore,
but my hometown ceases to exist as well.
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For me (among other things) both Gale and Brian are embodiment of smart (socially adapted) personal spiritual freedom that is not destructive or blindly rebellious. I mean no tragedy, no death at young age or something because being carried away by the passions.

This feature is common in Brian and Gale and (imho) Gale would have been as brilliant as he was playing Brian's role in any other role where this successfully personal free character present.

It's a pity there are few such well known examples both in real life and in fiction. Probably there are many that exist, but not well known (at least for me).

Then again, maybe I just see what I want to see here.
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I watched this movie today.
But what have I seen there?

A man driven by passion.
A man who made war all his life. And died at the age that I am now.
A man of great spirit that conquered the fear of death.
A man who knew what "the brotherhood of men" is.
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I gtalked with rznbloodrose last night and it reminded me of an unbelievable luck story connected with my old comp.

It was bought in September 2002 in Thailand. My BF and I went there on an all paid trip to install the software we had developed at our customer's office. But when we came at place there were a lot of last minute enhancements that they wanted to add to our program. We needed a fast comp for our development software to install in order to be able to make changes and test them. But they didn't have such comp available and my BF and local system administrator went to their local hardware supplier to choose the necessary details for the comp we needed. We were waiting for them the whole day to return. My BF had a ball choosing... The firm was paying and he wanted the best. And he got whatever his heart desired.

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This is not the first time I witness unbelievable chain of coincidences.
I'll shorten this latest chain description to the culmination only.

This Tuesday (at last!) I've bought a new computer.
My old one was perfectly ok, but it's too slow for video editing. That was the main reason for a new one to appear. I've planned to use them both simultaneously for a while. But yesterday (on the next day after I brought my new comp home) my old one got broken. Just like that, for no reason at all it refused to switch on. Something must be wrong either with power unit or with motherboard (according to the symptoms I see), hard drives and all my data are ok, I think.

So tell me it's a random thing and I'll laugh a bit.
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I watched QAF reunion 2007 yesterday.

Now I know  that  E-E-E must have stood for

And this one is home made but based on the reunion material. The CURE stands for


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