Jan. 26th, 2011

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Let this color of love be named green, for there's a lot of green things in nature that grow. I mean development.
This kind of connection makes one to share and the other to learn things that he/she will be really great at someday,
because the recipient is meant to learn those things and this quality by itself provokes the one who possess the experience and knowledge of the thing to share it.
And the thing could be really anything, but mostly it's something that requires to master it, to put a lot of passionate effort and attention to improve at it and actually to develop intuition about it, to bring the process of doing it to the state of art. And what a pleasure it is to practice something you are getting better and better at. And what a fucking luck it is when there's someone who can do it really good and he/she is available to help you to improve your skill.

This is a kind of love I cherish the most.
Many shades of this color I guess parents get with children. But it is the brightest  in true teachers with true students bond.


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